Shabu-shabu is a delicious Japanese hotpot dish said to have originated from Chinese hotpot cuisine. The current form of shabu-shabu in Japan was developed in 1952 at Eiraku-cho Suehiro Honten, a restaurant in Osaka.

In shabu-shabu, thinly sliced beef is briefly dipped in a pot of seasoned broth. This is just long enough to cook it. After, the beef is dipped in a condiment, such as a ponzu (citrus) sauce or sesame sauce. Variations like pork shabu-shabu and seafood shabu-shabu are also common, and vegetables are also often part of the meal.

This Stainless Steel Shabu Shabu Nabe Pot with cover is perfect for display cooking at hotels, restaurants, buffets, and catered events. Its durable stainless steel construction provides long lasting use and makes this stock pot easy to clean. 

Each pot is built with 2" round double handles, which make it easy to lift and carry as you strain liquids or pour sauces into storage containers for cooling. The handles are riveted on, ensuring long-lasting durability. Plus, a cover is included to get you started right away. This cover causes your food to retain moisture while cooking and also helps to capture heat, resulting in more efficient cooking. 

Size Variations 240㎜, 260㎜, 300㎜
Color Silver
Features Dual Handles
Handle Yes
Handle Type Riveted
Material Stainless Steel
Shape Round
Type Pots
Country of Origin Japan


240 mm 9.5 Inches φ220 × H130 mm φ8.25 × H5.1 Inches 2.3 ℓ / 77.8 oz.
260 mm 10.25 Inches φ240 × H150 mm φ9.5 × H6.0 Inches 2.5 ℓ / 84.5 oz.
300 mm 11.75 Inches  φ280 × H150 mm φ11.0 × H6.0 Inches 3.0 ℓ / 101.4 oz.