Shari Sushi Rice Container GRC-20


Sushi rice holding container Suitable for holding and transporting other hot or cold foods Outer Dimensions: 18.9 in (W) x 14.5 in (D) x 10 in (H) Inner Dimensions: 14.9 in (W) x 12.2 in (D) x 7 in (H) Urethane foam insulation Heat retension: 167°F at 3 hrs, 162°F at 6 hrs Rounded inside corners for easy rice removal...

Rinnai Gas Rice Cooker RER-55

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Making top-quality, delicious rice is a breeze with this RINNAI RER55ASN Rinnai 110 Cup (55 Cup Raw) natural gas rice cooker! Boasting 35,000 BTU of power, this reliable unit can cook up to 55 cups of raw, uncooked rice at a time, or 110 bowls of cooked rice in just 22 minutes. Its enamel outer casing with aluminum cook pot...


Rice Net 1000x1000mm

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Rice Cooking Net Wrap rice in the cooking net before placing it in the pot to be steamed. This will prevent it from sticking to the pot and make it easier to remove when carrying it to the next process. Putting rice in this net, and turn on rice cookers as usual. Easy to transfer cooked rice to the rice...


Zojirushi Thermal Rice Warmer for Sushi Rice

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The Thermal Rice Warmer is non-electric and goes anywhere. It is stackable, making it especially ideal for catering or outdoor use. It works well against acidic ingredients such as vinegar and is ideal for holding sushi rice. Convenient non-electric way to keep foods tasting fresh for hours Works well against acidic ingredients such as vinegar and is ideal for holding...


Zojirushi Rice Cooker & Warmer NYC-36 Electric

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20-cup large rice cooker with automatic keep warm Durable stainless steel exterior Nonstick inner cooking pan with rinse-free rice water measure line Side condensation collector Detachable and washable inner lid Includes an extra large rice spatula ETLus listed, NSF certified Easy-to-use single switch control Nonstick inner cooking pan Easy-to-open latch Detachable and easy-to-clean condensation collector Ship Weight 21.6 LBS Manufacturer...