This one handled aluminum pot with a wooden handle called "Yukihira Nabe" is a traditional Japanese sauce pan that is widely used by professional chefs and home cooks. It's because these pots are lightweight hammered, and really easy to maneuver. Although they are light and durable, they are weak against acid and alkali so they are unsuitable for western cuisines such as simmering for a long time with wines that contain acid. 

The sturdy aluminum construction conducts heat quickly and efficiently, so perfect for Japanese noodle or bouillon (dashi)! It could easily become a great all-purpose cookware item for every chef or home cook. 

Color Silver
Gauge 15 mm - 24mm
Handle Type Wood
Material Aluminum
Shape Round
Style Tapered
Type Sauce Pans
Country of Origin Japan


cm Inch Top Diameter Height Capacity Gauge
15 6.0 149mm × 65mm 0.7 ℓ / 27.0 Oz 15mm
18 7.0 180mm × 74mm 1.4 ℓ / 54.0 Oz 15mm
21 8.25 212mm × 81mm 2.2 ℓ / 81.0 Oz 18mm
24 9.5 238mm × 87mm 3.8 ℓ / 115  Oz 18mm
27 10.75 272mm × 107mm 5.2 ℓ / 1.3 Gal 24mm
30 11.75 303mm × 123mm 7.6 ℓ / 1.9 Gal 24mm