This authentic Oyako Nabe Pan is specifically designed to make Oyakodon (short for "Oyako Donburi," a rice bowl topped with chicken and onions sautéed in egg and sweet sauce. You can also deep-fried chicken or pork beforehand and use this pan to make crunchy Katsudon. The pan's sloped sides are ideal for allowing the egg to setup while the vertical handle allows you to effortlessly slide the ingredients directly onto a bowl of rice and also saves room on a crowded stove. The handle also screws off for easy storage.

Made of aluminum, this Oyako Nabe Pan is built lightweight and has excellent thermal conductivity. It heats and cools quickly, making it popular with short-order cooks who need to work super fast in your restaurant or home kitchen. Plus, it’s comparatively affordable, which appeals to restaurateurs on a budget.

The matching lid for this pan is sold separately.

Dimensions φ170 × 30 mm / φ6.75 × 1.25 Inches
Color Silver
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Features Lid Sold Separately
Material Aluminum, Wooden Handle
Shape Round
Type Pans
Country of Origin Japan