Suzumo Softon Plus Lubricating Oil Spray (Without Trigger)


It is recommended using only Softon Plus for all Suzumo machines by spraying onto necessary parts to prevent rice sticking. Each bottle will last you 800 sprays. An odorless and nontoxic spray made from sterile vegetable oil, used to prevent cooked rice from sticking to lifting blades and the other machine parts that come into contact with the rice.* Quantity...



Food grade oil for robot parts, rice trays, and boxes to prevent rice from sticking onto surfaces. Made from odorless and flavorless sunflower oil Provides protection against rust Use with AUTEX Spray Trigger *AUTEX is the designated oil for AUTEC products. Continuous usage can result in product damage or failure. *Trigger sold separately

Suzumo Softon Plus Extension Trigger

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This Trigger for Suzumo Softon Plus is compatible with Suzumo Softon Plus spray bottles. Use it to quickly and easily dispense onto all Suzumo sushi machine surfaces that come into contact with rice. This prevents the sticky sushi rice from sticking onto machine surfaces. This non-stick oil spray comes in either a 300mL plastic bottle.   SPECS Length 205 mm /...

Automatic Gyoza Cooker MAZE-4


Gyoza Cooker that will do the cooking by its own, with power and water supply.  Please contact us for purchase or more info.

Gas Noodle Boiler


○Water amount of tank for MRY-CL06 and MRY-C06 is 48 Liters.  The rise time (ready to boil noodle) is around 22 minutes after saving water in the tank and turn on knob.  The cooking capacity is 100 meals / hour.  <In case raw RAMEN is boiled for 3 minutes, the RAMEN amount in one basket is 120g and you spend...

Electric Countertop Oden Pot w/ 6-compartments

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For not only restaurants. also food trucks, buffets, caterers, and other food service establishments that periodically need to keep food hot and ready for several hours, this warmer is the perfect choice. Keep your guests happy with piping hot steamed odens, vegetables, soup, eggs, and other delicious foods! SPECS Dimensions 570 x 365 x H255 mm / 22.5 x 14.25...