Stainless Steel Chiri Nabe Pot "Chiri-Chiri"

What is Chirinabe?

[chee-ree-NAH-beh] Chirinabe is a Japanese one-pot dish consisting of chunks of a firm-fleshed fish (like cod or sea bass), tofu and various vegetables such as mushrooms, cabbage, green onions, and daikon radish. In a restaurant, all ingredients are brought to the table raw along with a pot of simmering broth, which is placed on a heating element and kept simmering throughout the meal. Each diner adds their own ingredients, letting the food cook until tender before retrieving it from the communal pot. Chirinabe is typically served with various condiments on the side, which usually include ponzu sauce, used for dipping. It’s also a haiku seasonal word for winter.

This is an induction compatible pot, so you can use it on your new induction stove. But, you can still use this on portable butane stoves without any problems.The pan is well-made and appears to be of great quality and the dual-sided design enables you to use two different broths to cook the food right at the dinner table on the butane cook top.

Size Variations 170㎜, 210㎜, 230㎜,270㎜
Color Silver
Material NB Stainless Steel
Induction Ready Yes
Shape Round
Type Pots


Inch. Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (Inches) Capacity
170 6.75 176 × 46 mm
7.0 × 1.75 Inches 0.8ℓ / 27.05 oz.
210 8.25 216 × 60 mm 8.25 × 2.3 Inches 1.6ℓ / 54.10 oz.
230 9.0 236 × 69 mm 9.25 × 2.75 Inches 2.2ℓ / 74.4 oz.
270 10.75 276 × 90 mm 10.9 × 3.5 Inches 4.0ℓ / 135.3 oz.