No other pan in your kitchen has the versatility of a good wok pan! Woks aren’t just for Asian cuisine anymore; the design of the wok pan is perfect for cooking a variety of dishes. Unlike a traditional skillet, which cooks from the bottom of the pan only, the wok features high steep sides that cook foods from all sides. As food is tossed around the pan, it is cooked extremely quickly and thoroughly due to the even heat distribution. There is no substitute for a good wok when you need to saute and serve in large quantities, and this cold forged steel mandarin wok is the perfect solution.

If you haven’t invested in a wok yet, you are missing out on a useful tool that allows you to stew, steam, boil, deep fry, and stir fry. Mandarin woks like this one come with a durable long handle that make tossing any stir fry easy and safe. The cold forged steel construction means that you will never have to worry about the integrity of this wok degrading. Your restaurant will be able to use this wok for years to come.

The difference between a Mandarin wok and a Cantonese wok is in the style of the handle. Mandarin woks feature a long stick handle, while Cantonese woks have two small loop handles, giving cooks a choice of whichever best fits their style.
Size Variations 270㎜, 300㎜, 330㎜,360㎜, 390㎜
Color Black
Material Iron
Oven Safe Yes
Induction Ready Yes
Shape Round
Type Woks


Inch. Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (Inches) Serving
270 10.75 177 × 39 mm
7.0 × 1.5 Inches 1 person
300 11.75 298 × 60 mm 11.75 × 2.4 Inches 2-3 people
330 9.5 238 × 45 mm 9.4 × 1.75 Inches 3-4 people
360 10.25 360 × 112 mm 10.25 × 2.0 Inches 4-5 people
390 11.0 280 × 53 mm 11.00 × 2.0 Inches 5-6 people