Plastic Antibiotic Jumbo Rice Spatula/Paddle

Perfect for your restaurant or bakery kitchen, this 19.5" antibiotic plastic jumbo paddle will help you cook or mix with ease!

This paddle's wide frame makes it extremely sturdy and stable to mix vinegar into rice for sushi. Due to its long length, this paddle is ideally used for mixing in large mixing tub holding a generous quantity of rice and will remain reliable for multiple uses in your busy kitchen. Be sure to stock your kitchen with this plastic jumbo paddle to make all your food preparation tasks quicker, easier, and more efficient! Also called "Shamoji," rice paddles make an excellent addition to Asian restaurants, buffets, and catered events where rice is served. 

This plastic antibiotic rice paddle is made of lightweight, solid plastic that won't scratch or damage your cookware. Its smooth handle ensures a comfortable and sturdy grip. A simple yet effective kitchen hand tool, this 19.5" rice paddle makes an excellent addition to any venue serving sushi or rice dishes!

Designed to withstand temperatures up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, this paddle is an extremely versatile, go-to kitchen tool. It will stand up to frequent use and its smooth finished, water-proof construction allows for easy clean-up. Unlike a metal paddle, this solid TPX plastic paddle won't mark or scratch your tubs, pots, or vats, and it's easier to clean than a wooden paddle. Lightweight and easy to handle, this paddle will become a trusted tool in your commercial kitchen.

Length 125 x 495 mm / 5.0 19.5 Inches
Color Beige
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Material TPX (Polymethylpentene) Plastic
Heat Resistance 200℃ / 392°F
Style Solid
Type Rice Paddles
Country of Origin Japan