Bamboo Kabuki-bashi Cooking Chopsticks
Equip your Asian kitchen with this kabuki-bashi bamboo serving / cooking chopsticks set, a set of utensils ideal for Asian cooking applications. From stirring boiling noodles to frying delicate individual pieces of tofu, the slim, extra-long design of these chopsticks makes them ideal for handling hot cooking items, for serving dinner parties, as well as for transferring food when sharing a delicious hot pot.

These chopsticks are reusable and will help to minimize replacement costs. With a classic, slightly tapered design that makes them comfortable to hold, the added convenience of these chopsticks is sure to be appreciated by your patrons. Constructed from durable laminated bamboo wood, they deliver an attractive, organic look and feel that will help to showcase dishes with striking color arrangements. Stock your restaurant with this kabuki-bashi bamboo chopsticks for a lively and authentic dining experience.


Color Beige, Red
Dishwasher Safe No (Hand Wash Only)
Material Bamboo
Country of Origin Japan


330 mm 14.25 Inches
390 mm 15.5 Inches