Create an artisanal hot beverage with this wooden handle tea strainer. The single-walled design of this pot ensures that your beverages will maintain a warm temperature for longer than comparable teapots. 

This stainless steel strainer with wood handle features a double mesh strain, for jobs that require fine pieces of ice, tea or herbs to be strained. The deep basket design enables enough room for ice cubes, large herbs and leaves. The wood handle is not only handsome, but also provides a weightiness that provides stability and good feel in the hands.

Dimensions φ82 × 202 mm / φ3.25 × 8.0 Inches
Depth 80 mm / 3.25 Inches
Color Silver, Beige
Material Stainless Steel, Wooden
Features Single Wall
Style Fine 30 Mesh
Shape Round
Type Tea Strainers