Noodle Strainer/Blanching Basket Flat Bottom w/ Wooden Handle

Drain water, oil, and other liquids for your individual pasta portions with this stainless steel strainer/blanching basket Flat Bottom with wooden handle!

Perfect for your restaurant, cafeteria, or other commercial kitchen, this stainless steel noodle strainer / blanching basket will make cooking your pasta dishes effortless! Its durable stainless steel construction and outer framework on the top wiring make this strainer extremely sturdy so you can efficiently and easily strain noodles.

Wooden Handle

Also known as a noodle skimmer, this strainer's small size is meant to be held during use rather than being sat in the pot. With that in mind, this strainer boasts a wooden handle to help provide a cooler touch to the hand and protect users from extreme heat.

Hanger Hook

Complete with a built-in hanger hook, this strainer allows for space-efficient storage in your kitchen! Hang it from an above rack to keep it out of your work space and away from possible contamination.

Deep Pocket

This noodle strainer's deep pocket ensures noodles stay contained in the strainer. Whether it's ramen, spaghetti, ziti, fettuccini, or even lo mein, this strainer can handle the job.

Dimensions 145 × 130 mm / 5.75 × 5.1 Inches
Color Silver
Features Hanging Hook
Handle Type Welded
Material Stainless Steel
Shape Round
Type Baskets

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