Banko-Yaki Dobin Mushi Pot Matsuba

Dobin (“teapot”) mushi (“steamed”) is a soup steamed in a small teapot. This type of soup is perfect for bringing out the delicious aroma of mushrooms, and it is commonly served in the fall and winter, but can go into the spring.

Each teapot holds an individual serving of soup. The dashi-based broth is delicate, and the soup contains thin slices of chicken, shrimp, ginkgo nuts, and mitsuba (honewort.) 

The dobin mushi teapots are smaller than regular teapots and come with a saucer and a small cup fitting over the top. There are grooves where the lid meets the pot that the cup fits snugly against. 

After all the ingredients are placed in the teapot, it is placed on a grill over heat, or over a rack in a wok with water in the bottom and steamed.

To serve, each individual teapot is presented on a saucer with half of a yuzu or sudachi fruit on top. The soup is poured in the small cup and the ingredients are removed from the pot with chopsticks and placed in the cup. The citrus fruit is squeezed a little bit at a time in the sake cup. The ingredients and the broth are eaten alternately.

Dimension 113 x 46 mm / 4.5 x 1.75 Inches
Capacity 240cc / 8.0 Oz
Dishwasher Safe No (Hand Wash Only)
Handle Material Wood
Material Ceramic (Banko-Yaki)
Type Pot
Usage Soup
Country of Origin China