Yakiniku Hachirin harnesses electricity to achieve the same grill power, browning level, and taste as cooking over smoldering coals.

Electricity requires no air in generating grilling temperatures, and with very little heat going to waste, the restaurant space stays clean and comfortable.

The combination of clean and safe electricity with Japanese traditional method of cooking with coals has resulted in Yakiniku Hachirin.

Yakiniku Hachirin has made it possible to open Yakiniku BBQ restaurants anywhere with electrical outlets, even in underground shopping centers or multi-tenant buildings. Customers can enjoy food grilled to their individual tastes right at their table.

Flavor of charcoal cooking is achieved with electricity

The invented special far-infrared heater uses electricity to produce the same thermal wavelength as heated coal, offering meat cooked juicy and just right without losing any of the flavor.

With no smoke or smell, the restaurant stays clean

Smoke is collected underneath the grill, inside the roaster unit, where odors are broken down and disinfected with ozone. Which means the any smell don’t cling to the clothes or hair. Since no smoke is released outside, the surroundings stay clean.

Cassette Style Heater

The special far-infrared heater is a easily detachable cassette type, making the replacement and maintenance of components easy.

No combustion, no toxic gas

The heater uses no fire, hence no combustion. The system produces hardly any toxic gases, such as Nox, so there is no eye-stinging smoke or gas smell.

No need for ducts, any space with electricity can be turned into your restaurant

Because no duct installation is necessary, restaurants may be opened in underground shopping centers or buildings.

Easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean removable parts

With easily removable parts, sticky grease and scorched food can be cleaned in no time.

Lower initial cost and running cost

No needs if large-scale duct installation helps lower the initial cost of opening restaurants. Electric heaters have higher heating efficiency and a smaller air conditioning load compared to other heat sources, which translates to lower running costs. With Yakiniku Hachirin, more locations become available, greatly enhancing business prospects.

No duct fire means peace of mind

Oil that collects and accumulates in the exhaust ducts in one of the major causes of restaurants fires. With no duct or open flames, Yakiniku Hachirin eliminates worries of fire.

Voltage: Single Phase, 200V 2.8kW
(Heater 2.6kW、Duct Collector・Fan 0.2kW)
Overall Dimensions: Machine: 860(L)✕370(W)✕685(H)mm
Table: 1300(L)✕950(W)✕40(H)mm (Standard)
Thermal Process: Far-Infrared Sheathed Heater (Cassette Style)
Weight: 70kg
Smoke Control: Electric Duct Controller・Ozone Generator
Options: Deodorizer/Sanitizer Timer, Heat Adjustment


Width 860mm /  Inches
Depth 370mm /  Inches
Height 685mm /  Inches
Table Width 1300mm /  Inches
Table Depth 950mm /  Inches
Hertz 60 Hertz
Phase 1 Phase
Voltage 200V
Wattage 2.8kW
(Heater 2.6kW、Duct Collector・Fan 0.2kW)
Control Type Heater Fan: On/Off Switch
Heat and Air flow Volumes: Adjustable
Main Body Material Zinc-plated steel plate, baked power coating finish
Internal Structure Material Stainless Steel
Power Type Electric
Temperature Range  Degrees F
Temperature Settings Adjustable
Thermal Process Far-Infrared Ray Sheathed Heater (Cassette)
Smoke Controls Electric Duct Controller・Ozone Generator
Weight 75kg
Options Deodorizer/Sanitizer Timer, Heat Adjustment


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