A type of thin Japanese cotton textile, tenugui towels are traditionally given as gifts and can be used for everything from wrapping gifts to drying dishes. This beautiful white-and-blue print is dyed with shibori, an ancient Japanese indigo dye technique. The Mameshibori style (literally translating to “bean squeeze”) features lines of little “beans” that symbolize an uninterrupted line of descendants, carrying the hope that one's descendants will continue for generations.

Tenugui edges are purposely seamless for better hygiene and quick drying. After a few washes, you may find that the cloth has frayed. Use a pair of scissors to trim the loose threads. The more you use the cloth, the more the edges will stop fraying due to the tightening of the the fabric.

Dimensions 330 x 900 mm / 13.0 x 35.0 Inches
Set Quantity 10 / Pack
Pattern Polka Dots
Color White
Features Hand wash cold like colors. Do not bleach
Towel Material 100% Cotton
Type Hand Towels