Protective Face Shield FS40 Details

Protect yourself from a variety of dangers with this FS40 protective face shield. This face shield is an essential protective piece for sanitation, food service, and retail employees who may be exposed to airborne moisture droplets and contaminants. Its made in Japan plastic construction is lightweight (34g/1.19oz per one face shield) but still durable to ensure that it won't fail during use. Your staff will appreciate the attention to their personal safety as they care for patients and customers.

This face shield is comfortable to wear with your hat, helmets, or headbands, and to protect the portals of viral entry, and reduce the potential for auto-inoculation by preventing the wearer from touching their face.

This face shields can be reused indefinitely and are easily cleaned with water or common household disinfectants, ensuring that it withstand for long-lasting use. 

Dimensions (LxW) 295 x 210 mm / 11.75 x 8.25 Inches
Color Clear
Features Adjustable with Additional Headband
Country of Origin Japan
Material Plastic
Type Face Shields