This traditional Japanese mold is perfect for creating Tamago Tofu (steamed egg tofu), traditional cold treats such as Yokan (azuki bean jelly), steam cake, pudding etc. This removable inner tray makes it easy for you to un-mold the food, especially if the food easily sticks to the container. Both the outer mold and inner tray are crafted from single piece stainless steel and folded to shape.

Ensure your meal presentation is always precise and creative with this Nagashikan stainless steel square mold! Made of high-quality stainless steel, this unique item is durable and built to last. This ensures consistency of size and shape, additionally, it assists with portion control and therefore helps you to prevent waste and save on food costs!

The solid shape allows you to make your dish in your prep area and then easily move it to your serving plate without any mess! The smooth metal also allows your food creations to easily be removed from the tray when ready to serve. 

Size Variations 180㎜, 210㎜, 240㎜, 270㎜
Color Silver
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Material Stainless Steel
Shape Square
Type Molds
Usage Plating Tools


180 ㎜ 7.0 Inches 180×180×H37 mm 7.0×7.0×H1.5 Inches
210 ㎜ 8.25 Inches 210×210×H37 mm 8.25×8.25×H1.5 Inches
240 ㎜ 9.5 Inches 240×240×H42 mm 9.5×9.5×H1.75 Inches
270 ㎜ 10.6 Inches 270×270×H42 mm 10.6×10.6×H1.75 Inches