Excellent Durability, Simple Structure

YS60-UL Electric Yakitori Grill is developed from 50 years of technological advancements, utilizes a heater that generates a heat spectrum matching traditional Japanese Shichirin Coal. Taste the flavor and finish of Shichirin with the convenience of an electric grill.

Confident grilling outcome, Easy operations

Ultra-infrared ray heater developed from intensely researching charcoals does not dry out foods, but cooks the food to a flavorful, tender, thorough finish. Crispy finish to the outside, juicy in the  inside, golden brown color on the out side.

Width 920mm / 36.25 Inches
Depth 251mm / 9.88 Inches
Height 243mm / 9.56 Inches
Cooking Surface Width 600mm / 23.62 Inches
Cooking Surface Depth 140mm / 5.51 Inches
Amps 23 Amps
Hertz 60 Hertz
Phase 1 Phase
Voltage AC 208V
Wattage 4,800 Watts
Control Type Thermostatic
Cooking Surface Material Stainless Steel
Installation Type Countertop
CSA Field Evaluation Yes
Number of Burners
Number of Controls
Power Type Electric
Temperature Range  Degrees 
Country of Origin Japan




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