○Water amount of tank for MRY-CL06 and MRY-C06 is 48 Liters.  The rise time (ready to boil noodle) is around 22 minutes after saving water in the tank and turn on knob.  The cooking capacity is 100 meals / hour.  <In case raw RAMEN is boiled for 3 minutes, the RAMEN amount in one basket is 120g and you spend around 30 seconds to take RAMEN in and out.>


Steam shutters are automatically closed when the boiling basket is not used.  So you can prevent boiling water from splashing.  When you boil, you put basket into the steam shutter and the the shutter opens easily.  Also, since heat is not given out, heat efficiency is enhanced and boiling time becomes shorter with energy-saving.


Maruzen’s original boiling assist plate which enables to make noodles move around in the boiling basket !!  We made the holes where the bubbles of boiling water spout out in a slit shape.  Also, the holes were displaced from the center of the baskets.  Due to this structure, noodles are untangled by making them move around, are heated sufficiently and are boiled deliciously.  


○「Steam heat reusing basket holder」equipped (Patented).  The fed water travels through the basket holder part as red arrows show, is heated by the steam heat from below and is used as hot water to be added.


○SUZUCHU (Cool Kitchen series) Noodle Boiler  

    ★Registered Trade mark from Osaka Gas


When you use Non SUZUCHU heating appliance, the surface temperature of appliance becomes hot or combustion exhaust spreads or the temperature in the kitchen goes up because of the radiant heat.  In order to let them cooler, we have to use the air conditioning a lot. 


If we use the SUZUCHU series…


❶Low radiation heat ※the radiant heat from appliance reduces extremely.

❷Concentrated exhaust

❸Surface temperature of appliance is low(less than 65 ℃)


Detailed structure ・・


  • Heat insulating layer and air heat-insulation layer are placed inside the appliance. By placing them, the radiant heat is reduced and surface temperature becomes lower.



Below is the drawing for SUZUCHU gas tilting kettle.  But please refer to it because above explanation makes clear.  The partition is set between hot space (red) and cool space (blue).  The inner structure becomes air heat-insulation layer.  So the radiant heat is cut.  The surface temperature of appliance becomes lower.  There is no naked fire, so the radiant heat is extremely controlled !!  Even if you touch the surface, the surface temperature is less than 65 ℃ so that you can avoid skin burn.

  • Air layer was placed at the back of exhaust port. Air flows in the air layer, so it takes the heat. Therefore the temperature drops.  Also, the combustion exhaust does not spread and the flow of exhaust is concentrated.  The flow of exhaust is quickly led to a hood and kitchen environment improves.   
  • At the front surface of main body, an intake port and exhaust port were equipped. By making air flow, we can control the temperature rise of front surface.  And we enhanced the safety.

By using the SUZUCHU noodle boiler, below achieves.

  1. Safe
  2. Comfortable
  3. Economy

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