The New Benriner has been introduced with a minor yet dynamic change for more comfort and professionalism like never before!
Notable changes:
- The top design has been changed to make it look much thinner and professional, also allowing to hold it easily as well.
- Two large screws hold the blade tight-knit from the sides, and two small screws are attached to the blade from the top, penetrating through the newly designed holes in the blade.
- Newly designed safety attachment to secure your dearly fingers while slicing small vegetables or pieces.
- The holding place has been remodeled to better adjust your grip, making it easier to use with no excess strength and delivering better sturdiness.
Create clean, professional vegetable and fruit slices with our Japanese mandolin slicer New Benriner with interchangeable 3 blades!
This mandolin comes with 3 razor-sharp, corrosion-resistant stainless-steel blades for superior versatility, allowing you to precisely cut anything from extra-thin slices to large strands. The fine blade provides 1 mm slices, while the medium and coarse blades provide 2-mm and 3-mm cuts respectively. Once you've chosen a blade and inserted it into the mandolin, simply use the built-in knobs to adjust it to the desired cutting thickness. Plus, its smaller size compared to the alternative "Super Benriner" makes it easy to transport and perfect for smaller fruits and vegetables like cucumbers or carrots.

The included finger guard ensures superior safety while in use, while the incorporated handle allows for complete control and steadiness as you cut. The ABS construction makes it extremely durable and able to withstand heavy-duty use. Once you're done cutting, the blade can be removed from the unit for simple cleaning. Use this mandolin to slice anything from potatoes and onions to lemons and limes with ease!
Dimensions 314 x 92 x 24 mm / 12.25 x 3.5 x 1.0 Inches
Blade Size 7 mm

3 mm

1 mm
Color White Beige
Dishwasher Safe Yes
Features Built-In Flat Blade

Julienne, Medium, and Coarse Blade

With Flat Guard / Pusher
Material ABS plastic, stainless steel
Number of Blades 4
Style Countertop
Type Mandolin Slicers
Country of Origin Japan