Water Saver Faucets with Hands-Free 3.5" S/S Rod Auto Shut-Off Valve Theft-Proof 

Recommended: Medical Centers, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings.

Locks on to faucet. Prevents unauthorized removal.                                                                        Not Vandal Resistant. If vandalism has ever been a problem use model TP/VS.

  • Automatically Shuts-Off Water – When Rod is Released
  • Stops Drippy Faucets
  • Reduces Cross-Contamination Caused By Touching Faucet Handles
  • Saves Money On Utility Bills
  • Immediate Water Savings Guaranteed – Zero Waste
Water Flow: On/Off ONLY
THEFT-PROOF: Patented INSTANT-OFF theft-proof housing locks on to faucet using a patented tool. Once installed the housing spins and prevents unauthorized removal. You must use the “TP tool” to remove the INSTANT-OFF.
This is the perfect model for Hospitals, Medical Offices, Commercial buildings. Restrooms and hand-wash sinks that are used by the public but have no history of vandalism. Keep your employees and business CLEAN with a Pro TP/SR. Simply screw in an INSTANT-OFF and the water savings are immediate!
Rod Length 90 mm / 3.5 Inches
Material Stainless Steel
Country of Origin America

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