Far-Infrared Gas Yakitori/Robata Grill


SPECS Dimensions 570 x 365 x H255 mm / 22.5 x 14.25 x H10.0 Inches Interior Dimensions 530 x 325 x H100 mm / 21.0 x 12.75 x H4.0 Inches Electricity 100V / 50/60Hz / 1-Ph Wattage 1000 Watts Capacity 12 ℓ /  Temperature Range 30-80℃ / 86-176°F (Simple Dial Control) Cord Length 1.5m / 4'9" Type Oden Pot Country...

Ceramic Charcoal for Yakitori Griller


Dimension 150 x 25mm / 6.0 x 1.0 Inches) Material Ceramic Type Grill Charcoal Usage Yakitori/Robata Grill Origin Made in Japan Box Quantity 20 PC Case Quantity 100 PC (5 boxes)

Electric Yakitori/Robata Grill YS60-UL


Excellent Durability, Simple Structure YS60-UL Electric Yakitori Grill is developed from 50 years of technological advancements, utilizes a heater that generates a heat spectrum matching traditional Japanese Shichirin Coal. Taste the flavor and finish of Shichirin with the convenience of an electric grill. Confident grilling outcome, Easy operations Ultra-infrared ray heater developed from intensely researching charcoals does not dry out foods,...

Smokeless BBQ Grill Roaster Hachirin Electric Non-duct


Yakiniku Hachirin harnesses electricity to achieve the same grill power, browning level, and taste as cooking over smoldering coals. Electricity requires no air in generating grilling temperatures, and with very little heat going to waste, the restaurant space stays clean and comfortable. The combination of clean and safe electricity with Japanese traditional method of cooking with coals has resulted in...